In 2017’s Annual Report, Side-Out mentioned a mission “reboot” for 2018. The foundation took steps towards achieving this by updating our mission statement, launching a brand new digital presence, and producing documents that better represent where Side-Out is today. Although all these items are important, we aren’t done yet.

For 2019, the keyword for Side-Out’s initiatives is “connection”. As a foundation, Side-Out wants to create a stronger connection with our communities. This means working harder to connect with the stage IV breast cancer community and continue sharing the results of the research through Side-Out’s database.

The foundation is striving to create better connections throughout volleyball to create a greater impact among the sport by working harder to spread the message of Dig Pink to new teams and asking for help from our most loyal teams whether that’s by recruiting teams to join them in the Dig Pink Movement or even spreading Side-Out’s mission within their own community.

Side-Out is also looking for greater connections from the Friends of Side-Out. The foundation plans to introduce a new sponsorship program, looking for support in one of the many Side-Out programs.

These connections on top of continued success in programs like Dig Pink and the Dig-A-Thon has the staff at Side-Out excited