6 Fundraising Tips to Make Your Event Successful

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Fundraising for any event can be challenging, and anyone who has tried to raise money for a charity, booster club, or sports team knows that some ways are more successful than others. Putting time and effort into something that does not generate the results you want can lead to disappointment, so here are 6 fundraising tips to try in the future that work when implemented the right way.

Peer-to-Peer Systems

In a time where everything we do is online, your fundraising should be no different. Peer-to-peer systems have become very popular with non-profits. You would be surprised how easy it can be to collect donations just by asking. Sharing your campaign page with everyone you know and explaining why you are raising funds will result in many more donations than going door-to-door or asking people to write a check.

6 Fundraising Tips to Make Your Event Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Sub-campaign pages can be created so that more donations funnel into one page. Having others branch off of your campaign allows for more opportunities. If 12 team members are all working toward the same goal, each person’s goal is much less. For instance, 12 people raising $50 each can raise $600 easily!

**Note: Not all peer-to-peer systems are created equal. Some nonprofits are charged up to 10% just to use a company’s system, and pay high credit card fees on your donation. The Side-Out Foundation has built and owns its own fundraising system and has the lowest credit card fees available. Do your research and know where your donation is truly going!

Matching Donations

What quicker way to instantly double your donation amount than by having your employer match it? Many businesses participate in donation matching, so see if your employer is one of those. If you are asking for donations from others, let them know about matching opportunities. If everyone does their part, your fundraising total could be twice as much as you hoped it would!

Be sure to check the website of the charity for which you are raising funds and see how you can incorporate matching donations into your fundraising. The Side-Out Foundation now has a “Matching Donation Finder” so you can check if your employer does so.

Merchandise Sales

Selling merchandise that your school or organization purchases (such as shirts and hoodies) is a great way to raise some extra dollars at your event. Buying in bulk for low prices and selling at a higher price will allow profits to be generated that can be added to your donation. This is one idea that we used to be pretty skeptical about until we saw schools making an extra $500-$1000 just by selling merchandise.

One way to do this in support of The Side-Out Foundation with no upfront cost is by setting up a Team Store! Every item sold through the store you set up gives a donation to Side-Out!


One of the classic ways to raise funds for charity is by holding raffles at your event. Whether it’s a 50/50 raffle or a prize raffle, you can always count on drawing interest when people have the chance to win. Be sure to get creative with your prizes and make sure it is something that people would want. When collecting prizes for the raffle, ask local businesses to donate items and gift cards.

Change Collection

Who loves carrying change around in their pockets? Exactly…no one!

Have some kind of jar or bucket available at your event that people can drop their spare change into. If you have the opportunity, do this for the entire week leading up to your event, perhaps in the school cafeteria. You would be surprised how change can add up.

6 Fundraising Tips to Make Your Event Successful Money Jar


Put on that thinking cap and come up with unique ways to make fundraising fun and successful. Try things that no one has thought of and make sure to plan it out. If you know something has not worked in the past, don’t spend your time on it again. Put your energy into things that make sense and that will help you to succeed. Good luck fundraising!

Do you have other fundraising ideas that have worked for you? Share your thoughts below!

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