Cyclical "SICK"-Lical

Author: Gloria Dunetz
September 18, 2008

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I am presently in the throws of side effects from my last chemo infusion. My eyes burn and tear, my mouth is dry and has sores, my nose bleeds and burns, I have aches and pains in my back and I am exhausted. As I’ve said before I have learned to deal with some of these problems but with the addition of Avastin to my chemo cocktail it seems that the sides are much more troubling. Having experienced 5 days of almost normalcy last cycle this barrage of side effects has come at a bit of a shock. Even though I know I will most likely begin to feel better at some time before my next treatment it is very little consolation to me as I go through this torture. This drug induced suffering works on one’s mental attitude towards combating the Cancer – somehow making that part of the equation immaterial. I have never experienced any discomfort from the Cancer, only from the chemo.

I have tried in the past to keep my blogs as positive as I can. Sorry, but I have to be honest and forthright in my assessment of what’s going on with me now and it just ain’t fun!


  • Marti Decker

    Well, having been Glo’s sister forever, I concur that it “ain’t always fun”. However, it absolutely is for long periods of time when we are together. They say that misery loves company and when we are together we share many common miseries such as bad feet, new wrinkles, bloopy arms, brown spots, ya know, stuff we laugh about. Living with cancer is no laughing matter but somehow or other we make it go away at least for a time when we are together. We do lots of girlie things like having non- stop conversation about all the important things in life such as still bringing up our adult kids or why we so passionate about the upcoming elections when we are never going to be living in the White House. Then there are the stupendous estate sales that we hit for endless bargains, or trekking through thrift shops so she can make 1000% profit on ebay while shipping that item in a tiny little box that doesn’t weigh much. We go to a matinee to see a “chick flick” that our respective men won’t miss so we don’t have to feel like we left them out while eating a ton of popcorn. And at night while we surf the tv and I sneak some Oreo cookies and have more endless conversations about all kinds of nonsense, it’s not about cancer, it’s about us having fun spending quality time with each other. That was our birthday visit in August.

    I am now back in Florida and looking forward to a visit in November. But we visit every day on the phone and by email so the daily ups and downs of this dread disease is not lost on me and I will be there each and every day for my courageous and fabulous sister.