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Here I Go Again: My Cancer Fatigue

Will the real Gloria Dunetz stand up! “I can’t” I say “I’m too tired”. That’s caused by the Avastin I have begun to take again. I just received the 2nd treatment of the cocktail Abraxane and Avastin and, when I was on the Abraxane alone I didn’t get this overwhelming exhaustion I have right now, so we know the Avastin is the culprit. It is the kind of fatigue that doesn’t lift until it’s good and ready to. All you can do is go with it and rest. I HATE IT! I’ve been on chemo drugs for over 4 years and have experienced many side effects which I’ve learned to deal with quite well. Not this one, because it completely shuts me down and so for the time it is with me I am unable to forget I have cancer. NOT GOOD!

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Ouch! Abraxane Side Effects

Today I have a new side effect from Abraxane, which is the chemo I am presently on, my fingernails are coming off the nail bed. Pretty gross and is sometimes painful. Sadly it is primarily on the right hand so even typing this entry hurts a little. The positive aspect of this new thingy is that it doesn’t always hurt, just comes and goes. Still have nose, eyes, voice problems but they are just nuisance side effects and I’ve discovered ways of making myself more comfortable with those. Basically I’ve done very well on this drug and certainly have been able to continue my everyday activities.

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