Bah Humbug-Xmas Scrooge

For years I have disliked holidays because it’s like you’re being forced to be happy and enjoy! Well you know sometimes I am not happy and I can’t enjoy. I can’t enjoy the overeating, I can’t enjoy always think of what I can do to make my family happier, I don’t want gifts – I have too many possessions now, I don’t want to have to go shopping for gifts – I just want peace and serenity. Guess what – that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I have Breast Cancer. I’ve always felt that way. The difference now is sometimes I don’t have the oomph to do the things that are expected of me during the holidays. My recommendations to all my fellow warriors. Do only what you want to do when living with Cancer. Your reality is that you spend a lot of energy just staving off this formidable disease. Accept help when you need it. Don’t feel bad that you sometimes can’t do the same things you did years ago. Enjoy your own company. Give yourself quiet times (the greatest gift, I feel). In short BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!

As for my progress in my own personal battle. I am still on Xeloda and haven’t a clue whether or not it is working. I am waiting for the Side-Out Clinical Trial our organization is funding. The bureaucracy just keeps on holding things up. This trial, we hope, will give us more information about the differences and similarities in different women’s genetic makeup and come up with drugs tailored to each of the participants with the hope that they will work. But, we waitand wait for the trial to get fully approved. Is it a wonder that researchers ever discover anything with all the red tape? Billions of dollars are so generously donated by ordinary people to assist Cancer research. Are we any closer to solutions? I do feel hopeful because I have to feel that way in order to get out of bed in the morning. We are hoping for some really good science coming out of this trial. Let’s all of we warriors keep our fingers crossed.

In spite of my Scrooge nature – I wish you all a very happy, HEALTHY, holiday season. Thanks to all of the generous people that supported our Dig Pink campaign. We, the Dunetz’s, are a family with a cause and are personally touched by your support of Rick’s and Bryant’s unfathomable hard work. I like to think Side-Out Foundation is the reason I was put on this earth. It is my legacy.

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