Here I Go Again: My Cancer Fatigue

Will the real Gloria Dunetz stand up! “I can’t” I say “I’m too tired”. That’s caused by the Avastin I have begun to take again. I just received the 2nd treatment of the cocktail Abraxane and Avastin and, when I was on the Abraxane alone I didn’t get this overwhelming exhaustion I have right now, so we know the Avastin is the culprit. It is the kind of fatigue that doesn’t lift until it’s good and ready to. All you can do is go with it and rest. I HATE IT! I’ve been on chemo drugs for over 4 years and have experienced many side effects which I’ve learned to deal with quite well. Not this one, because it completely shuts me down and so for the time it is with me I am unable to forget I have cancer. NOT GOOD!

Having said that, the fatigue does go away and I return to my active self doing the things that make sense to my life moving forward. With the help of my family and circle of love I get through the bad times because I know there will be good times as well. I am extremely proud of my son Rick for coming up with the concept of DIG PINK where women’s Volleyball teams across our nation will have tournaments and donate to breast cancer. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. and upwards of 500 college and high school volleyball teams will be playing across the United States to raise money. It amazes me that there are so many wonderful people out there touched by this horrible disease who are willing to donate their time and money to fund further research with the ultimate goal of eradicating this hideous disease which attacks so many people each year. More and more younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer each year. We have to fund research to not only discover new and better chemo drugs but to find out what is causing this disease to flourish in our population. WE MUST FIND A CURE!!


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