I’m Still Me!

I Love Me Beach Sand

One of the scariest parts for a woman going through Chemo is the loss of one’s hair. At least for me it was. Having my hair gone, in my mind, was losing my identity. Could I still love myself? The answer to that question is that I have lost my hair and I do still love myself and almost more importantly, I am still loved because I’m still me.

I met a wonderful woman yesterday in a shop called I’m Still Me in Warrenton, VA.  If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are in treatment and need some TLC, you must visit Victoria Larosa. She is a breast cancer survivor (as is her sister and her Mom) and she has dedicated herself to helping women struggling for their new identity amidst a world of chemo and the unknown. 

I spent a wonderful 2 hours in Victoria ’s Post Cancer Boutique. She was able to suggest many creative ideas I might need to restore self-confidence in the very anxiety ridden world of Breast Cancer. She’s been on the roller coaster ride and has much insight to share.

We survivors living with Cancer are all extremely courageous and should be proud of ourselves and of each other. We must lead the fight to make sure that breast cancer research continues a vigorous and aggressive path to successfully find new and more efficient diagnostic, therapeutic, and eventual eradication of this horrible disease.


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