Wigging it Again

Gloria and her Sister Marti

Marti, my sister came to visit last week and she was so excited about my wigs. I wanted her to meet Victoria La Rosa at I’m Still Me so we trekked out to Warrenton about 40 minutes from Fairfax. She also loved Victoria for her warmth and caring and Marti got to try on wigs. It was great fun!

I thought hair loss with chemotherapy would be an insurmountable hurdle. You know what – it wasn’t and isn’t. I love the new personas I gain with the wigs I’ve purchased and wear with pride. It’s actually easier and more fun than my own hair was. You gals out there undergoing chemo. Enjoy the opportunity to be able to change your appearance at will. Treat the experience as an adventure. If you are able to do this you will be able to put a positive slant on your particular health issues.

I know that sometime in the not too distant future with charitable donations, government assistance, and dedicated professionals, there will be a cure found for this life-changing disease. There are new things every day in the Breast Cancer world. WE WILL SURVIVE! There may be a day when our daughters will never have to worry about the threat of Breast Cancer.

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