Individual Ball Control: Part 1 With Beth Launiere

Individual ball control Part 1 with Beth Launiere

Beth Launiere, head coach of the Utah women’s team, runs this warm-up drill to help players work on passing technique, arm-swing and serving mechanics. This drill can also be scored to add a competitive element.

Players divide into 3 groups of 3: one group uses the left third of the court, one group uses the middle third of the court and one group uses the right third of the court. In each group, one player passes, one targets and one enters balls from across the net. Players rotate from passer to target to enterer every 10 balls. The drill starts with players entering underhand balls and progresses to overhand throws and then float serves.

Individual Ball Control

Finally, players attempt to earn a big point by perfectly passing an underhand throw, overhand throw and float serve in a row. If they falter on any of the three, they start back at the underhand throw.

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