Mental Training: Belief

Belief: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.

Belief in positive outcomes is the first step to a strong mental foundation. Without it survival is not really in the picture. When my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a second time, her outlook on life was less then hopeful. The only belief that she could grasp onto was of the negative nature. After weeks of “tough love” communication and a kick in the butt, we got her to get out of the house to attended the miracle volleyball match that changed her outlook.

Here is how you can get positive beliefs moving forward:

  • You need to believe in a positive outcome yourself before you can make others believe.
  • You need some sort of catalyst to set a positive belief in motion. That “catalyst” can come in the form of a miracle volleyball match, a nice letter or card, an intervention, a phone conversation, or even a swift kick in the butt.
  • Once the belief is set in motion, it must be maintained. Don’t expect your loved one to be rainbows and sunshine every day of their lives. You need to remind them over and over and over again.

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