Paige Ayotte

Picture of Paige Ayotte
Mental Performance Coach - Originally from Michigan, Paige attended Alma College for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She went on to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA to earn her Master of Science in Kinesiology, with a specialization in Psychology of Human Movement. After earning her master’s, Paige went on to provide cognitive performance enhancement and resilience training to Service Members in the United States Army for four years. During her time, she provided training at many duty stations across the U.S. (primarily Fort Bragg, NC) and overseas (primarily USAG Bavaria, Germany). While in Germany, she also worked with Vilseck High School Volleyball the high school on the Army installation helping the team reach 3rd place in the European finals. Paige currently resides in the Netherlands with her Dutch partner and loves soccer – she plays on a competitive adult women’s team. Reach out to her for more information on sport psychology at: [email protected].