21 Down Serve and Receive Drill

21 Down Serve and Receive Drill receive

21 Down

21 Down is a competitive serving and serve and receive drill. First team to zero points loses the drill.

Teams are divided in equal number and capability. The drill follows a pass-and-replace pattern that goes like this:

Passers receive a ball, and no matter the outcome, they get off the court and a new passer takes their place. Players who aren’t in the passing tri-line are in the serving line. After the player serves, they join the passing line with players waiting to get on the court.

The scoring of the drill is as follows: Each team starts with 21 points. The passing is statted as a 3, 2, 1, or 0, where a “3” pass is perfect and a “0” pass is getting aced. Here are the way points are awarded:

0 = 3 pass
-1 = 2 pass
-2 = 1 pass
-3 = 0 pass

When the opposing team misses a serve, 1 point is added to the team score.

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