The Side-Out Foundation takes an innovative approach to provide solutions for those specifically with metastatic breast cancer with the goal of becoming a source of hope for all those living with breast cancer in search of answers and treatment options. 

The foundation’s precision medicine research matches patients with treatments and uses the outcome data produced from this to draw conclusions, challenge the foundations of cancer care, and change the trajectory of the disease. The organization’s educational and community-driven programs Dig Pink® and Ambassador Program are built on creating advocacy for the metastatic breast cancer community, engaging a new generation, and funding Side-Out’s revolutionary research.

MBC Research Program

By leveraging our metastatic tumor research, powered by Perthera’s lab analysis, we provide patients and their oncologists the information they need to select precision treatment options for their individual tumor. 

2021 Accomplishments

Side-Out Phase 3 Trial Update

The Side-Out Foundation and Perthera, a market leader in Precision Oncology, and have forged a comprehensive partnership to deliver precision medicine and personalized treatment recommendations to physicians and patients throughout the country. Together, Perthera and Side-Out are launching a national clinical study program to improve outcomes for patients with advanced breast cancer, demonstrate the impact of precision oncology and accelerate clinical trial enrollment across the nation, to advance medicine & science through groundbreaking research publications.

Funded through Side-Out’s philanthropic support, all patients who have been molecularly profiled or who have upcoming testing can be enrolled in the program, regardless of geographical location or insurance status. Perthera’s highly trained clinical team will coordinate everything for each patient to ensure they can receive the testing required to advance their care and participate in the program. Patients, their oncologists and care teams, will be provided with significant resources, including Perthera’s precisely matched treatment recommendations proven to increase survival, clinical trial matching services shown to increase enrollment at 5X the national average, and Side-Out’s economic support to ensure patients receive these resources regardless of barriers. This program will capture highly comprehensive patient outcomes for utilization in research and publications to benefit breast cancer patients worldwide.

2020-21 GRANTS

Teams who support The Side-Out Foundation’s Programs are provided the opportunity to support an organization in their community through Side-Out’s Give-Back Program. Organizations selected for grants must be patient services organizations and are granted a percentage of funds raised through the team’s Dig Pink® experience. This program give teams the chance to not only impact metastatic breast cancer research through Side-Out, but help those close to home with other needs. In 2021, Side-Out honored Sisters Network Inc., a national African American breast cancer survivorship organization.