Month: June 2021

Navigating Treatment Options As a Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient

Hearing you have metastatic breast cancer results in difficult sensations and emotions, including shock, fear, disbelief, and numbness. My mind and body felt other strong emotions – anger, betrayal, grief, and sadness. I cried in the arms of my husband, who quietly said, “What do we do next? You are a strong person. You have always been a fighter – never backing down from a challenge.” He was right. Giving up and wallowing in despair would just hasten my death.

2020-2021 Ambassadors Photo Montage

Side-Out Welcomes the 2020-21 Ambassadors!

Meet our newest official Side-Out Ambassadors! This group of students have taken the last few months to educate themselves, utilize their leadership skills, and become advocates for those living with metastatic breast cancer. Each Side-Out Ambassador has made undeniable differences in their communities across the country. We are incredibly proud of the hard work that …

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5 Simple Changes that can Improve Your Sleep during Breast Cancer Treatment

Sleep and cancer treatment are often interconnected. When a patient is sleeping well, it can aid their recovery. However, sometimes cancer treatment can have a negative impact on a patient’s sleep, which can then negatively affect their recovery. Oftentimes, insomnia happens when treatment causes the patient to feel tired throughout the day, which leads to …

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